15 Jan

Las Vegas Based Investment Fund Posts 16.1% Return for Investors

PR Newswire

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 12, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — As the DOW plunges 1,029 points to date – down over 6% in 2016 alone, financial markets have undergone one of the largest yearly percentage drops in history, and have investors fleeing Wall Street for safe-haven hard assets.  Now more than ever, real estate seems to be a logical choice – providing stability and safety of principal while uncertainty is perverse on the Street.  With significant tax advantages, a possible hedge against inflation, and potentially high yields, commercial real estate may be exactly what investors are looking for.  However this poses the question – How does the average investor find a good commercial property and assuming they do, how do they efficiently manage that property?  Matthew Ricciardella, the founder and CEO of Crystal View Capital, a Las Vegas based real estate fund with $10M in assets under management; specializing in the acquisition and management of income producing properties such as mobile home communities, self storage facilities, and industrial properties says he may have the answer.  “Crystal View Capital is an ideal investment for risk-averse investors who desire strong returns on their capital without having to deal with any of the day to day property management responsibilities.”   When asked about the company’s recent performance and an overview of the company, Ricciardella said, “Our investors are currently realizing a 16.1% return on investment plus meaningful increases in share value all while taking on very little risk.  We pride ourselves as value-oriented fund with a deep-seated commitment to generate superior returns for our investors while avoiding speculation; our portfolio includes “un-sexy” properties that were purchased at a discount to their intrinsic value which we can in most cases significantly add value to in a relatively short amount of time by increasing rents, enhancing the general appearance of the property, filling vacancies, and decreasing operating expenses.   As of late, I think we’ve been increasingly sought out by new investors not only because of our returns, but because in times of uncertainty, defensive investors align with our value-oriented investment approach.”  When asked about the recent turmoil in the financial markets and how that may affect his company, Ricciardella confidently quoted Warren Buffett, “Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.”   As 2016 shakes out, we’ll find out if the flight from Wall Street to hard assets was an incorrect knee jerk reaction to negative market sentiment or a prophetic decision by sophisticated investors who saw the writing on the wall.


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