Crystal View Capital is a 4-year-old private investment firm with:

  • A primary focus on opportunistic real estate.
  • Assets under management of approximately $45 Million.
  • A seasoned, stable executive committee that has worked together an average of 7 years and possesses an average of 14 years of industry experience.
  • The investment flexibility to transition between real estate asset classes, geographies and stack the Firm perceives risk-reward dynamics to be changing.


Crystal View Capital is a private investment firm with a primary focus on opportunistic real estate. Since its inception in 2014, the Firm has raised nearly $13 Million of equity capital and currently has approximately $45 Million of assets across virtually every major real estate asset class.

Opportunistic Real Estate

Crystal View Capital considers opportunistic real estate investing to be defined by minimizing downside risk and maximizing upside. In executing this strategy, the Firm’s seasoned team pursues investment opportunities located in the Western and Mid- Western US, across all real estate asset classes that offer compelling risk/return propositions. The Firmacquirescash-flowing office, self storage, manufactured housing, industrial/office, and retail assets at discounts to replacement cost.


Crystal View Capital benefits from a substantial sourcing engine—creating a robust deal flow, and accessing the majority of transactions on an off-market basis. In fact, over 92% of Fund I’s investments were sourced off-market. The Firm also boasts a history of extraordinary creativity that extends to its innovative transaction structuring and execution capabilities.


The Firm has broad real estate operating experience, with asset management organized into dedicated management team that manages all of the assets of the Fund’s portfolios. The mission of management is to add value via drive bottom line growth by relentlessly increasing income and always cutting costs.


Crystal View Capital occupies what it believes is a distinct niche in the market: Nimble enough to target transactions of $2 – $15 million, yet large enough to acquire $30 Million  investment opportunities by utilizing co-investment funds. For its sweet spot of smaller transactions, Crystal View Capital believes that the Firm’s reputation, sophistication, access to capital and ability to execute provide the Firm with a competitive advantage over smaller, more regional firms. On larger transactions, the Firm’s proven ability to conduct detailed due diligence using a vast network of resources and relationships results in an in-depth understanding of potential investments that few investors can match in a cost-efficient manner.


Crystal View Capital’s disciplined investment approach has enabled the Firm to consistently deliver strong performance across its funds.


Starwood Capital’s opportunistic real estate program is distinguished by the Firm’s proven ability to develop creative strategies to add value throughout the investment process—enabling the most advantageous exit. The success of this approach is underscored by the Firm’s sale of 5 assets in 5 different cities since 2015.


Crystal view Capital seeks to deliver consistent, robust returns while placing a premium on preserving capital. The team performs a comprehensive risk/return analysis on each potential transaction, and only invest in assets and businesses with asymmetrical return potential. Guided by discipline and the adherence to margin of safety , the Firm adheres to the following core principles:


Purchase—at favorable prices—fundamentally sound assets that have previously lacked capital, attention or effective management. Buying below replacement cost offers a margin of safety, typically ensuring that no new construction/ competition will be completed until values rise to justify new product. Crystal View Capital’s recent transactions demonstrate that opportunities continue to arise to acquire assets at discounted prices.


Seek to use proper leverage—in amount and duration—to reflect the stability of each asset’s cash flow. In the current market, Crystal View Capital can typically buy property at yields in excess of the cost of debt and generate strong cash-on-cash yields during the hold period. Positive leverage allows the investment team to be patient for a recovery, lessening the reliance on a favorable exit to achieve strong returns.


Actively manage concentrations of fund capital by diversifying exposures across risk profiles, geographic areas, and asset classes.


Acquire undermanaged or undercapitalized assets that the Crystal View Capital team can stabilize and refurbish, and implement a dynamic asset management plan in order to position each investment for sale at the maximum price.


Treat Crystal View Capital investment partners’ capital as the Firm’s own—because a meaningful portion of it is the Firm’s own. Crystal View Capital’s partners invest alongside its LPs in every Fund that the Firm sponsors.

The Fund

Crystal View Capital is a private commercial real estate Fund with $40M in assets under management, Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada. The company has in house capabilities in acquisitions, financing, development, and asset/property management.

Investment Focus

Crystal View Capital focuses on the acquisition and management of income producing commercial real estate nationwide.  The Fund identifies strategic sub-markets for acquisitions where fundamentals are strong, there is positive job growth, and rents are trending upward.  Our core business model is under-performing properties with a specialized focus on retail, office, self-storage, and mobile home communities which can be purchased at a fair price and have the potential to be worth significantly more within a 1-5 year holding period.  Rather than relying on markets or speculating, we force the appreciation of our properties by first identifying properties with substantial upside potential then unlocking this hidden value though effective property management practices.  Put simply, this is done by increasing income and decreasing operating expenses thereby increasing the net operating income which translates into a higher cash flow to our investors and a higher property value.

Investment Size

Crystal View Capital targets acquisition ranging from $1 million to $5 million, which offer economies of scale, but still generally fall below the institutional threshold, therefore limiting competition and enabling the possibility of superior returns. Property size ranges from 5,000 SF to 50,000 SF for office & industrial buildings and 100 to 300 spaces for mobile home communities.

Investment Strategy

The Fund utilizes a value investment strategy of identifying and purchasing assets for less than their intrinsic value, ensuring that each acquired property has a strong upside.  We thoroughly analyze our investments to accurately predict the cash flow stream during the period of the investment and the likely challenges that will result from any difficult economic period.  By carefully selecting target properties and purchasing them at favorable prices, we mitigate our risk and have a higher probability of achieving our investment goals.