The Fund

CVCFii (“Fund II”) is a Nevada limited liability company formed in 2017 and managed by Crystal View Capital Management, LLC, a Nevada limited liability company. The principal of CVCM is Matthew Ricciardella. Fund II was created to invest in Western and Mid-West-based US real estate assets with fair or undervalued prices, strong income potential, and under-market rents, among others.


Management has 16 years of experience in the types of properties targeted by Fund II. Fund II’s investment directive is toward these “bread and butter” type assetsrather than “marquee” properties because Management intimately understands the potential exceptional sources of cash flow they can provide in up, down, and flat market cycles.

Investment Philosophy

The “value-add” process is having the vision to recognize underlying value in a property, the
ability to unlock that hidden value, and the expertise to monetize that value within the
marketplace. The goal is to always push toward operational refinement: i.e. increase rental
collection efficiency, increase occupancy, and reduce operating expenses, all of which will
ultimately translate into a higher asset value(s).

Strategic Opportunities

We strategically target opportunities that are below the “Institutional Threshold” to avoid “deep-pocket” competition. These are properties in the $2 million-$10 million price range. Since we frequently approach sellers before the property is listed, we are often the only team aware of the deal.

A Diverse Portfolio

A primary objective of Fund II will be to maintain a diverse portfolio of commercial real estate classes located in several geographic markets. As real estate markets cycle, Fund II may attempt to grow or shrink positions in particular asset types, strategies, and geographies in order to create prudent and purposeful degrees of diversification in any given category.

Operating Strategy

Management currently employs an origination sales team that actively contacts property owners on a daily basis throughout the Western and Mid-Western United States to locate viable off-market purchase opportunities. This strategy has proven effective in locating owners who are not actively marketing their properties, who prefer not to work with brokers, but who, nevertheless, are interested in selling.

“Best in Class”

We have found that the higher quality and larger our deal flow is; the higher the probability of selecting “best in class” opportunities at favorable valuations at that point in time. We usually face limited or no competition when negotiating direct with the seller on off-market deals. As a result of dealing almost exclusively on “off-market” deal, with no set sales price or a broker leading a marketing campaign, Management has often proven its ability to effectively influence advantageous property valuation(s)