About Principals

Management is the core and nucleus of any organization. It’s not just personal and individuals’ resumes, but all that encompasses vision, talent, harmony, beliefs, and commitment. Crystal View Capital Management is led by Matthew Ricciardella, Founder and CEO, Jessica Ricciardella, Co-Founder, and Sheri Meyer, VP of Operations. These are the key players of the management team who provide all the talent necessary to complete every aspect of this business plan.


Matthew Ricciardella

Principal, Managing Partner

Matthew Ricciardella is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Crystal View Capital Fund I, LLC.  With over 14 years of experience in in the real estate industry, he is responsible for establishing, implementing and overseeing the company’s strategic direction.  Prior to founding Crystal View Capital, Mr.Ricciardella has owned and operated mobile home communities, self-storage facilities, office, industrial parks, and retail properties throughout the US.  Over this time, he has been involved in more than $100M of real estate transactions as a principal.


Matthew is widely acclaimed and highly renowned as an expert in structuring innovative real estate transactions.  Mr Ricciardella’s extensive background in asset management, property development, and finance has made him an often requested public speaker at several national symposiums.  Matthew is not only sponsor of the Fund, he has invested a significant portion of his personal net worth into Crystal View Capital.

Jessica Ricciardella

Jessica Ricciardella

Principal, Co-Founder

Jessica Ricciardella is the Co-Founder and a principal of Crystal View Capital.  With an extensive background in commercial real estate coupled with experience in environmental engineering, Jessica brings a unique perspective to Crystal View Capital Management.  The Company’s successful management strategy was Co-developed by Ms.  Ricciardella and remains a powerful and effective component of our overall performance and growth.  Jessica’s commitment to excellence has guided the Company with integrity, strategic thinking, and world class execution.  Jessica holds a Public Relations degree from California State University of Fullerton.


Sheri Meyer

Vice President

Sheri brings over 17 years of executive management experience with extensive knowledge in real estate, property management, construction and administration.  Sheri has been instrumental in the development and implementation of the administrative and reporting procedures, as well as the financial controls and systems.
Sheri is responsible for directing the property level financial operations, leasing, property management and the construction teams that are critical to the success of real estate investments.  Her proven leadership and dedication has ensured the operational excellence of CVC.