Shareholder Returns

Over the span of the investment, shareholders may realize value through long-term incremental increases in cash flow year over year ( Y-O-Y), asset appreciation upon the sale of the asset(s), a possible tax shelter , as well as monthly loan principal reduction payments. Based on the cash flow from our portfolio shareholders are currently realizing a 16.1% return on investment.

What Investors receive in Return for Buying CVC Shares

Investors in Crystal View Capital  receive an 8% preferred return that is based on the dollar amount of the investment (EX. $100,000 investment results in an  $8,000 preferred return per annum) and 60% equity in the Company – which is pro rata i.e. in direct proportion to the shares owned compared to the total shares outstanding.  Shareholders are buying an aggregate interest in the existing Crystal View Capital portfolio and an interest of all future purchases of the Company.