The Fund

Crystal View Capital is a private commercial real estate Fund with $40M in assets under management, Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada. The company has in house capabilities in acquisitions, financing, development, and asset/property management.

Investment Focus

Crystal View Capital focuses on the acquisition and management of income producing commercial real estate nationwide.  The Fund identifies strategic sub-markets for acquisitions where fundamentals are strong, there is positive job growth, and rents are trending upward.  Our core business model is under-performing properties with a specialized focus on retail, office, self-storage, and mobile home communities which can be purchased at a fair price and have the potential to be worth significantly more within a 1-5 year holding period.  Rather than relying on markets or speculating, we force the appreciation of our properties by first identifying properties with substantial upside potential then unlocking this hidden value though effective property management practices.  Put simply, this is done by increasing income and decreasing operating expenses thereby increasing the net operating income which translates into a higher cash flow to our investors and a higher property value.

Investment Size

Crystal View Capital targets acquisition ranging from $1 million to $5 million, which offer economies of scale, but still generally fall below the institutional threshold, therefore limiting competition and enabling the possibility of superior returns. Property size ranges from 5,000 SF to 50,000 SF for office & industrial buildings and 100 to 300 spaces for mobile home communities.

Investment Strategy

The Fund utilizes a value investment strategy of identifying and purchasing assets for less than their intrinsic value, ensuring that each acquired property has a strong upside.  We thoroughly analyze our investments to accurately predict the cash flow stream during the period of the investment and the likely challenges that will result from any difficult economic period.  By carefully selecting target properties and purchasing them at favorable prices, we mitigate our risk and have a higher probability of achieving our investment goals.