Management is the core and nucleus of any organization. It’s not just personal and individuals’ resumes, but all that encompasses vision, talent, harmony, beliefs, and commitment. Crystal View Capital Management is led by Matthew Ricciardella, Founder and CEO. Below are the key players of the management team who provide all the talent necessary to complete every aspect of this business plan.

Matthew Ricciardella

Principal, Managing Partner

Matthew Ricciardella is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Ricciardella is responsible for the management and oversight of Fund II, including investment strategy, fundraising, assetmanagement, and operations. He is a member of Fund II’sInvestment Committee and Management Committee. With over 16 years of experience in the real estate industry, he has personally been a principal in over $120 Million in real estate transactions. Prior to forming Fund II, Mr. Ricciardella has successfully managed Crystal View Capital Fund I to over $47 Million in assets under management. Matthew thinkslike an owner because he is an owner. With a personal investment of $1,950,000 in Fund I or approximately 20% of the shareholder equity, Matthew has created a very strong alignment of interest, and a personal bond with his shareholders. Under Mr. Ricciardella’s leadership, Fund I’s investors have realized an average internal rate of return of 85% since Fund I’s inception. Matthew has earned a reputation for dealing fairly, honestly and with integrity with hisshareholders and sellers which he believes is his most valuable asset.

Sheri Meyer

Vice President of Operations

Sheri brings over 18 years of executivemanagement experience with extensive knowledge in real estate,  property management, construction, and administration. Sheri has been instrumental in the development and implementation of the administrative and reporting procedures, as well as the financial controls and systems. Sheri is responsible for directing the property-level financial operations,  leasing, property management, and the construction teams that are critical to the success of real estate  investments. Her proven leadership and dedication has ensured the operational excellence of CVC.

Nancy Yager


Nancy has 32 years of extensive financial and reporting experience in various industries. Before joining Crystal View Capital, she worked at Focus Property Group for 12 years, providing accounting for land development, commercial projects and master plan communities. Nancy has managed all aspects of accounting, including financial reporting, general ledger, budgeting, cash management, payroll, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable. As Controller, she is responsible for the supervision of the day-by-day accounting operations. She has earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from Cal State Northridge. In her spare time, she supports several local charities in town, and volunteers with ProCare Hospice of Nevada.