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Building Wealth

Crystal View Capital aims to generate superior capital gains, passive income, and long-term equity appreciation for its investors.

Investment Returns

Our Strategy

Crystal View Capital focuses on the acquisition and management of undervalued income producing commercial real estate in niche markets.

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Mission Of The Fund

The mission of Crystal View Capital is to create superior value for our shareholders through a combination of disciplined acquisition principles, hands on management, and a strong commitment to capital preservation.

About The Fund

Crystal View Capital is a private commercial real estate Fund with $40M in assets under management, Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada. The company has in house capabilities in acquisitions, financing, development, and asset/property management.



Management is the core and nucleus of any organization. It’s not just personal and individuals’ resumes, but all that encompasses vision, talent, harmony, beliefs, and commitment. Crystal View Capital Management is led by Matthew Ricciardella, Founder and CEO, Jessica Ricciardella, Co-Founder, and Sheri Meyer, VP of Operations. These are the key players of the management
team who provide all the talent necessary to complete every aspect of this business plan.


Current Portfolio

Crystal View Capital’s portfolio boasts diversification across all key measures, including asset type, operating model and geography. Our real estate investments provide sustainable, growing cash flow during strong economic cycles and resilience during downturns.


Shareholder Returns

Over the span of the investment, shareholders may realize value through long-term incremental increases in cash flow year over year ( Y-O-Y), asset appreciation upon the sale of the asset(s), a possible tax shelter , as well as monthly loan principal reduction payments. Based on the cash flow from our portfolio shareholders are currently realizing a 16.1% return on investment.


Invest In The Fund

The total amount of capital currently being raised for Crystal View Capital Fund I, LLC is 400 shares, or $10,000,000 (US). Each share is $25,000 (US).
The minimum investment is two shares or $50,000 (US)


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